Sunday, December 26, 2010

Helping Jesus to save Souls, Spread the Divine Mercy...

In this coming year, perhaps we can think of more ways to spread the Divine Mercy devotion and help people come to know the great plenary indulgence given to all of us on the Feast of Divine Mercy which in this coming year will be celebrated in Our Lady's Month on the 1st May. 

*Can we pray the Chaplet of Mercy in our local Church, our home or with a mutual friend for our Parish and our Priests.
*Can we donate a Divine Mercy Image to our Parish Church
*Can we get small Divine Mercy prayer cards and give them to members of our family, our friends or others for the New Year.
*Can we get some Divine Mercy prayer books, leaflets, prayer cards to leave in our Churches with the Parish Priests permission.
*Can we start a Divine Mercy holy hour in our local Church
*Can we do some work for the poor, the homeless, those who are lost, abandoned, depressed, those who are sick and help them come to know the love of Christ and His Mercy.
*Can we pray for the dead, for the dying as Jesus has asked.
*Can we encourage others gently to go to Confession and we ourselves go more regularly.
*Pray the Chaplet of Mercy for our Priests that they may come to know the great Mercy of God in their lives.
*Can we begin to promote the Divine Mercy Feast Day in our Churches and Parishes and make a greater effort in preparations for this wonderful and blessed Day. 
*Can we pray with and for children and young people and help them come to know the great Mercy and kindness of Jesus

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