Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stations of the Cross XII - XIV - Diary of St. Faustina

XII STATION: Jesus dies on the Cross.

Jesus to Saint Faustina: All this is for the salvation of souls. Reflect, my daughter, about what you do for their salvation (1184).

Saint Faustina: Then I saw the Lord Jesus nailed to the cross. When He had hung on it for a while, i saw a multitude of souls crucified like Him. The second multitude were not nailed to their crosses, but they were holding them firmly in their hands. The third were neither nailed to their crosses nor holding them firmly in their hands, but were dragging their crosses behind them and were discontent. Jesus then said to me:

Jesus: Do you see these souls? Those who are like Me in the pain and contempt they suffer will be like Me also in glory. And those who resemble Me less in pain and contempt will also bear less resemblance to Me in glory. (446).

Jesus, my Savior, hide me in the depths of Your Heart so that nourished by your grace, I may be able to be like you in the love for the cross and in the participation of Your glory.

XIII STATION: Jesus is laid in the arms of His Mother.

Jesus to Saint Faustina: Most dear to me is the soul that strongly believes in my goodness and has complete trust in me. I heap my confidence upon it, and give it all it asks (453).

Saint Faustina:  I come to Your Mercy, compassionate God, only You are goodness itself. Although my misery is great, and my offences are many, I trust in Your mercy, because You are the God of mercy; and from time immemorial, it has never been heard of, nor do heaven or earth remember, that a soul trusting in Your mercy has been disappointed (1730)

Jesus, multiply in me each day the trust in Your Mercy, so that always and everywhere I may be a witness of your goodness and infinite love.

XIV STATION: Jesus is laid in the tomb.

Jesus to Saint Faustina: You are not yet in your homeland; so go, fortified by My grace, and fight for My kingdom in human souls; fight as a king’s child would; and remember that the days of your exile will pass quickly, and with them the possibility of earning merits for heaven. I expect from you (…) a great number of souls who will glorify my mercy for all eternity (1489).

Saint Faustina: Every soul You have entrusted to me, Jesus, I will try to aid with prayer and sacrifice, so that your grace can work in them. Oh great Lover of souls, my Jesus, I thank you for this immense confidence with which You have deigned to place souls in our care. (245).

Merciful Lord, I beg you that not even one of the souls which you have entrusted to me, may be lost.


My Jesus, my only hope, I am grateful for this great book you have opened before the eyes of my soul. This great book is your Passion you have confronted out of love for me. From this book I have learned how to love God and souls. Inexhaustible treasures are stored in it (…) Oh Jesus, how few souls understand you in your martyrdom of love (…). Happy the soul that has understood the love from the Heart of Jesus (304).

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