Friday, May 6, 2011

Diary of St. Faustina - On Supernatural Gifts and the Will of God

"Neither graces, nor revelations, nor raptures, nor gifts granted to a soul make it perfect, but rather the intimate union of the soul with God. These gifts are merely ornaments of the soul, but constitute neither its essence nor its perfection. My sanctity and perfection consist in the close union of my will with the will of God."  (Diary 1107)

In the above passage St. Faustina writes that sanctity consists in doing Gods will and not in revelations or in the special gifts that certain souls receive.  Today we have many people claiming various gifts of healing or who claim to have locutions or visions etc.  Many people follow these people and automatically think they are Saints.  This is a mistake as people who claim to receive visions can be false especially if they are found to be disobedient to the Church's authority or if they announce heretical or divisive messages which contradict Church teaching.  It is in doing Gods will in our daily life where we all can achieve sanctity.  We must stay close to Christ and never put any human being on a pedestal, no matter how gifted they seem to be. 

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