Sunday, June 26, 2011

Diary of St. Faustina...on the Profession of Vows

Today is the renewal; that is, the profession of vows in the course of a solemn celebration. As the sisters were making their vows I heard angels singing in various tones, "Holy, Holy, Holy," with chanting so delightful that no human tongue could ever match it.

In the afternoon, I talked with my beloved Mother Directress of Novices, Mother Mary Joseph. We walked once around the garden, and I was able to have a talk with her, although it was a rather general one. She is ever the same beloved Mother Directress of Novices, although she is in fact no longer the directress, but a Superior, and it is already ten years since I pronounced my vows. She told me that it is not impossible for a religious to live without the cross. However, she revealed to me a certain suffering which I had experienced in Warsaw, although I had never told her about it. All the graces which I had received during the novitiate came back vividly before my eyes of my soul. Oh, how grateful I am to her! When my soul was plunged in darkness, and it seemed to me that I was damned, she wrenched me from that abyss by the power of obedience.

My soul is often burdened with suffering, and there is no human being who can understand these torments.

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