Sunday, August 19, 2012

The hatred of satan for Divine Mercy

From the Diary of St. Faustina 

1405   -  
November 30, 1937. When I was going upstairs this evening, a strange dislike for everything having to do with God suddenly came over me. At that, I heard Satan who said to me, "Think no more about this work. God is not as merciful as you say He is. Do not pray for sinners, because they will be damned all the same, and by this work of mercy you expose your own self to damnation. Talk no more about this mercy of God with your confessor and especially not with Father Sopocko and Father Andrasz." At this point, the voice took the appearance of my Guardian Angel, and at that moment I replied, "I know who you are: the father of lies [cf. Jn. 8:44]." I made the sign of the cross, and the angel vanished with great racket and fury. 

When we think of the power of Divine Mercy for souls, do we ourselves ask in our hearts, what are we doing to save souls, so many who are now in danger.  If we hear of a person who is ill, dying or suffering with addiction problems, or a person in prison on death row, do we pray for them sincerely the Chaplet of Mercy to enable that soul to receive God's Mercy at the hour of death.  We can offer our daily sufferings in union with Christ Crucified for the sake of others, as well as offering our prayers.  Every interior act of self giving is valuable to Jesus and let Him do as He wishes with it.  Our lives are short on this earth.  The sufferings in hell will never end.  Think about that we want anyone to suffer eternal damnation ?  The Saints fought hard for souls, offering their sufferings in union with Jesus Crucified.  We have been given a great grace in the Devotion of Divine Mercy for these times, a grace unparalleled in any other time in history.  

How are we responding to this request from Christ Himself ?  How will we answer to God for the souls lost if we pay no heed to His Pleas to pray the Chaplet of Mercy for souls, to respect the Sunday of Divine Mercy and to spread the Message of this great indulgence to as many souls as possible, to get His Image into as many Churches and homes as possible.  We do not know what lies ahead of us, but Jesus does know, He is preparing us for the most difficult times in our Church which lay ahead.  Perhaps the Image of Jesus will be our only consolation in the times to come, where many Churches may be closed, Priests persecuted or martyred....remember this is happening in some countries now, where Catholics and Christians are under persecution and Churches destroyed and Priests killed....let us pray for Gods Mercy as now the Church is entering into its Calvary..but it will be triumphant as the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.  

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