Sunday, April 7, 2013

 Thank You Jesus for the Gift of renewal of our 
Baptismal Grace
today on 
Your Feast of Divine Mercy 

I hope all of you had a grace filled Divine Mercy Sunday and brought many souls back to the Lords Mercy.  
We continue now even more to pray and bring more souls to His Mercy.  It does not end with the Feast Day but rather it should urge us on to do more in our own areas for Jesus to help Him to save souls.  

To set up Divine Mercy prayer groups in your Parish, in your own home perhaps even with one other person, to spread the Image of Divine Mercy and get it in to many homes.  I would urge those who work in lay apostolates to do all you can to spread the Divine Mercy.  Believe it or not, there are many souls out there including Catholics who know nothing about the Divine Mercy.  Go out and spread it as best you can through prayer and deeds.  

God bless you and let us thank God for His Great Mercy and for all the graces we have received today. 

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