Monday, August 12, 2013

Deception of anonymous visionaries

False visionaries abound everywhere.  And many people even good and holy people can be taken in by them.  Two visionaries in Ireland who come to mind are women who wish to remain anonymous, 'Maria divine mercy' and 'Anne the lay apostle'.  Their desire to remain anonymous is a problem in the first instance.  They both claim that this is the way God has wished it for the sake of their families etc.  But 'Anne the lay apostle' who originally remained quite hidden has since appeared in public many times and at many Catholic Conferences and even at Retreats for Priests.  But still she never disclosed her real name.  Maria Divine Mercy remains hidden for now but she did participate in a radio interview in the United States.  She also has a website called 'warning second coming' and has also like anne the lay apostle published various books.

One of the things I also find disconcerting is the fact that they both associate themselves with the Divine Mercy in some way and even say that they are continuing on the mission of St. Faustina. From the website 'Direction for our Times' from anne the lay apostle, it states the following

In September 2005, the first issue of the Direction for our Times was released.  This newsletter has continued to bring news of the apostolate to lay apostles around the world four times a year.  That month Anne received a series of locutions from St. Faustina.  These messages can be found in Climbing the Mountain .  She told her that Anne’s mission and St. Faustina’s mission were destined to be joined. 

St. Faustina told Anne that the image of Jesus Christ the Returning King would be spread throughout the world and promised that those who venerate this image would be blessed.

The above statement makes no sense to me.  Why would St. Faustina wish to promote another image when Jesus already asked her to have His own Image of Divine Mercy painted and asked that it be venerated throughout the world and that it would be a vessel of grace.  I would say that this is a very subtle deception of the evil one who wishes to try to imitate what he cannot destroy and also to sow confusion.  The evil one is the author of lies and deception and he doesn't expose himself too much as evil but rather he operates like this (under the guise of good) and of course he hates the Divine Mercy because of its power to save souls.  So he does his best to take away from it by introducing a new image.  

For more on Anne the Lay Apostle you can go to:  Catholic Lane - Deception for our Times
And also Sr. Briege McKenna and Fr. Kevin Scallon no longer associate themselves with Anne the lay anonymous apostle. Her statement can be read on her website: Sister Briege

As for 'Maria divine mercy' who also associates with Divine Mercy by including it in her name is another deceptive tactic.  She does not reveal her identity, so therefore we don't know what authority she is under, we have no idea of who her spiritual director is or who her Bishop is.  So therefore one must avoid this message completely.  You can read more on this lady from Jimmy Akins blog at:  Jimmy Akins blog - 9 things you need to know about maria divine mercy

*Avoid all Anonymous Visionaries.  No visionary in the past protected themselves like this. They have to be transparent.

*They must be under a competent spiritual director and under the authority of a good Bishop.  I know 'anne the lay apostle' is under her Bishop but she still does not reveal her identity which is a problem.

*Always ask questions and never accept someone immediately who states that they are receiving messages from God.  They must submit themselves to ecclesial authority and be transparent as to who they are. And also never give them money unless you know exactly who you are dealing with and where your money is going. 

There are no genuine visionaries who seek to remain anonymous and who at the same time publicise themselves through websites etc. If the Lord wished for someone to remain anonymous why would He give them messages in the first place ? Why should any Christian especially those who receive messages from God themselves seek to avoid suffering when so many Saints desired to suffer or/and who accepted the sufferings God gave them in union with Christ who suffered for us.

I don't wish to judge these women but simply to point out the facts that are out there about their messages. They themselves need prayers as they are being deceived and are deceiving others as well.  All visionaries are supposed to submit themselves to rigorous psychological and theological tests and one needs to ask also have both of these women undergone such tests and if so where is the evidence ?  If a supposed visionary asks for money and wishes to go public, I think the public have a right to know who they are and also if they have undergone all the tests required by the Church.

Unfortunately many people are being deceived and are giving money to these organisations and I would say it would be far better to give your money to your local charity than to these groups who are not transparent.  We have already seen what has happened with the House of Prayer in Achill in that regard.

Always remember God never duplicates Himself either.  But the evil one does and he also deceives and often does not reveals himself fully.  He hates the Divine Mercy with a vengeance and will stop at nothing to destroy it. So he tries to imitate it but he will not win.  The Divine Mercy is built on truth because it is all about Jesus and we must always stay close to Jesus who is the Truth and to all that which is already approved within our Church.  Then you will never go wrong.  God bless you. 

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