Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Interview with Fr. Michael Gaitley MIC (Marians of the Immaculate Conception)

1. Why is Divine Mercy so relevant right now in our culture?
Because our culture is going to pot. Literally! I just finished giving a talk in Colorado, and my host reminded me that the state, along with others, had recently legalized pot. That, for me, was yet another sign of the downward slide of our culture. People may say, "Oh, it's just pot." But that's the thing: We already live in a culture of addiction and bondage to substances and sin. The last thing we need is more drugs!

So many of us are stressed out, anxious, frightened, and depressed. The suicide rate is higher than ever. In some ways, we're living in a time of unprecedented evil. The good news is that God is not outdone by evil, and that in a time of extraordinary evil, God offers extraordinary grace. (See Rom 5:20.) This good news is the message of Divine Mercy. It's a prophetic message for our time whereby God wants to tell us, "Be not afraid! My mercy is more powerful than evil. Turn to me. Trust in me. I long to give you a peace that the world cannot give."

For the rest of this interview go to:  St. Luke Productions - Interview with Fr. Michael Gaitley MIC

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