Saturday, January 8, 2011

Divine Mercy Diary on the Little Child Jesus

St. Faustina writes:  

I suddenly saw the Infant Jesus standing by my kneeler and holding on to it with His two little hands. Although He was but a little Child, my soul was filled with awe and fear, for I see in Him my Judge, my Lord, and my Creator, before whose holiness the Angels tremble. At the same time, my soul was flooded with such unspeakable love that I thought I would die under its influence (Diary, 566).

Reflection:  Lord Jesus You came among us, You who are Mercy itself.  You shared in our humanity, You know our hearts and You understand us more than we understand ourselves.  Help us Lord to come closer to You and not to doubt Your Love and Mercy for us.  Little Chlld Jesus help us to be meek and humble and work out our own salvation with You and help You in Your work to save souls. 

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