Friday, May 27, 2011

Diary of St Faustina ...the power of the Angels and the Holy Rosary against evil

Diary No. 412

"There was no one in the chapel so I got up, picked up the pieces of the flower pot, repotted the flower, and tried to do all these before anyone came in. But I did not manage to do so, a Mother Superior came in at that moment, together with the sister sacristan and several other sisters. Mother Superior was surprised that I had been touching something at the altar and thus caused the flower to fall. Sister Sacristan showed her displeasure and I did my best not to explain or excuse myself. But, towards evening, I was exhausted and could not make my holy hour, so I asked Mother Superior to allow me to go to bed early. I fell asleep as soon as I laid down, but at about eleven o’clock Satan shook my bed. I awoke instantly and I started to pray peacefully to my Guardian Angel. Then I saw the souls who are doing penance in Purgatory. They appeared like shadows and among them I saw many demons. One of these tried to vex me, taking the form of a cat. He kept pawing on to my bed and on my feet and he was quite heavy, as if weighing a ton. I kept praying the Rosary all the while and, toward dawn, these beings vanished. And I was able to get some sleep.

When I entered the chapel in the morning, I heard a voice in my soul, You are united to me, fear nothing. But know, my child, that Satan hates you. He hates every soul, but he burns with a particular hatred for you, because you have snatched so many souls from his dominion."

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