Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Diary of St. Faustina.......On the Power of Holy Water....

Notebook 2

601 Once, when one of our sisters [126] became fatally ill and all the community [127] was gathered together, there was also a priest [128] there who gave the sister absolution. Suddenly, I saw many spirits of darkness. Then, forgetting that I was with the sisters, I seized the holywater sprinkler and sprinkled the spirits, and they disappeared at once. However, when the sisters came to the refectory, Mother Superior [Borgia] remarked that I should not have sprinkled the sick sister in the presence of the priest, as this was his duty. I accepted the admonition in the spirit of penance, but holy water is indeed of great help to the dying.

602 My Jesus, You see how weak I am of myself. Therefore, You yourself direct my affairs. And know, Jesus, that without You I will not budge for any cause, but with You I will take on the most difficult things.

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